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Dr. Bregman’s energized, thought-provoking style inspires audiences and readers nationally and internationally. Dentists, dental team members, and the general public alike will benefit from Dr. Bregman’s more than thirty years of experience leading a highly successful dental practice, and his years of experience as an effective speaker, author, teacher, and trainer.

Video, Audio & Articles

Video, Audio & Articles

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Video, Audio & Articles

Have You Bought Your Boat Yet™?

How do you get yourself to stop, to smell the roses, and to accomplish things that you promise to do? This program helps attendees understand and identify their personal ‘scripts’ that guide and often times get in the way of personal happiness and fulfillment. True happiness and peace in one’s life can be achieved by everyone. Be inspired to prioritize what is important in your life…and “Make Someday Now… go from dreaming to doing FAST!”

The Future of Dentistry is NOW™

The profession of dentistry continues to grow and change each year. This is an even more exciting time to practice dentistry than ever before experienced in the past. New technologies, materials, and systems become available to us daily. Which should we try? How might these changes affect current protocols for patient care? Am I providing the best that dentistry has to offer my patients?

From Phone-Care to Re-Care™

Would you prefer to have 75 new patients and retain 25? Or would you rather attract 25 new patients and retain 25? Considering that the new patient who becomes a recare patient can account for 40%-60% or more of doctor and hygienist ‘busyness’, it is very important to ensure that the new patient experience from first contact to re-care appointment is handled smoothly and effectively. This process involves the doctor and entire team.

Make Your Practice Pop™!

How can a practice not only survive, but thrive? What are the key factors that will make that happen? To discover your practice’s untapped potential, look ‘inside’ the practice with Dr. Bregman’s four step approach to understand and effectively enhance the aspects of Patient care, Organizational effectiveness and Profitability (P.O.P.).

Reduce Risks, Save Lives, and Grow

Learn how you can protect your practice and your patients while enhancing the financial bottom line of your practice through the effective oral cancer screening examination. This interactive, high energy program brings the topic of early oral cancer detection and the new technologies clearly into focus for implementation by the dentist and all team members.

Total Health Focus as Standard of Care in the 21st Century

The future is now with the total health focus for our patients. Total health focus includes previously utilized and standard oral assessment as well as enhanced oral assessment for: oral cancer, periodontal disease through salivary diagnostics, and sleep disorders. These are three areas where the up-to-date dentist will focus his/her practice now and into the future to ensure outstanding patient care.

Enhanced Oral Cancer Detection: A Hands-On Experience

Physically seeing and experiencing any new technology brings a significantly enhanced appreciation of how that new tool works “in one’s own hands”. See, touch, feel, and experience the new technologies that are available to enhance detection of oral cancer beyond the basic white light examination.

Enhanced Oral Cancer Detection: Guide Your Practice to Thrive While Saving Lives!

Health care experts recommend that all adults beyond the age of 16‐18 receive annual oral cancer screenings. Are we seeing everything that we should by merely doing traditional extra/intra-oral screening examinations? How effective are we really? It’s about time… that we know.

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